Les produits ci dessous sont issus d’un mélange breveté de lin et de PLA (résine biosourcée issue d’amidon) en faisant un composite thermoplastique prêt à l’emploi recyclable et composable en conditions industrielles (naturel mais durable). Grace a une source de chaleur (décapeur thermique…) la matière se ramollit et se met en forme.

This range is composed of mainly 3 different styles comming from the same INNOVATION.

We blend PLA natural resin with natural linen (flax) to obtain a meltable flexible thick sheet that can be molded in various shapes.

With interesting acoustic and esthetic propeties this range of products can find its way in home interiors for light weight decorative seperating panels and can be used to create furnitures and objects.

You simply need a source of heat to put in shape the textile (few minutes with a powerful hair dryer!).







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