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We have a range of UD and TWILL flax fabrics for composite from 50 g/m² to 550 g/m²


FLAX UD in 40cm wide
Flax UD 50 g/m²
Flax UD 70 g/m²
Flax UD 110 g/m²

FLAX UD in 1 meter wide
Flax UD 150 g/m²
Flax UD 180 g/m²
Flax UD 200 g/m²

Higher weight on demand (300gsm …)


FLAX BALANCED TWILL 2/2 , 1 meter wide
Flax balanced 150 g/m²
Flax balanced 200 g/m²
Flax balanced 300 g/m²
Flax balanced 550 g/m²





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