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KAIROS in partnership with TRICAT in Bretagne, FRANCE has successfully built the first BIOBASED COMPOSITES TRIMARAN using FLAX FIBERS named GWALAZ.

Made in mid 2013, the GWALAZ boat used one of our special 600GSM BIAXIAL using LOW TWIST FLAX ROVINGS and a FLAX UD.

In combination with a BIOBASED RESIN, made in vacuum infusion with a cork core this is the most exciting project about flax composites in the marine industry.

This boat sailed in Bretagne, France for a trial before being transported into a container in the Pacific Ocean for a film project

Pictures taken by Ronan Gladu.

This flax fiber composites boat is a complete success proving a boat can be made, transported to the other part of the globe, used there in heavy wind conditions and returned safely without any damages.

Contact us to get in touch with the partners of this project and source the flax fibers from us !

Enjoy the beauty: